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What makes us tick?

Since early 2013 in London, long before ‘UHD’ and ‘4K’ had become ubiquitous terms in the realm of television, VIVE Network has had its visionary sights set on establishing the ‘ultimate’ UHD ‘Entertainment Everywhere’ destination and shaking up the TV industry as we know it. Today UHD/4K devices are prolific, yet the caliber of content which they are meant to showcase is scarce (and what does exist is fragmented, mostly pay-walled, and predominately feature films and serial dramas).

VIVE aims to fill the UHD entertainment void by democratizing the production, distribution, and monetization of live UHD+HDR content, such as niche sports with massive fan bases, thereby addressing the demand of multimillions of UHD viewers worldwide. VIVE has developed a workflow that eliminates the need for satellite trucks, therefore allowing for small footprint at venues and backhauling to a central studio that packages and prepares streams for distribution in real-time to all devices globally.