Let’s Knock Out the Competition

VIVE recognizes the business challenges Boxing Gym owners face acquiring and retaining members, which is precisely why we want you to be in the know about the unparalleled promotional opportunities that will undoubtedly elevate your Gym’s profile within your community and give it a competitive advantage.


Simply put, live professional boxing matches broadcast in Ultra High Definition to every screen worldwide. VIVE Network is launching the world’s first linear boxing/combat channel and will be regularly televising live professional boxing matches in ultra high definition high dynamic range – an unprecedented feat.

You probably own a UHD (aka 4K) TV yourself; however, you have also probably realized how very little entertainment – particularly live – there actually is showcased in 4K1. Well, not anymore! VIVE is positioned to be the ‘ultimate’ ultimate high definition entertainment destination available on every device in every country, and you have the opportunity to align your business with live events, as well as a niche sports channel that will appeal to your target audience – women and men who appreciate the sport of boxing and have the desire to pursue health and fitness through a highly-effective discipline.

1 4K UHD TV sets will ship over 100 million units this year (2018) – Futuresource Consulting

Just a few of the ways that you could leverage a potentially massive audience for the benefit of your own brand as a whole include:

  • localized* commerce-enabled commercial(s)
  • VIVE Ring/Card Girl Squad sponsorship
  • on-air mentions and graphic overlays

* to specific zip codes

VIVE Network is effectively a ‘one-stop-shop’ ad agency, production company, and television network

The greatest benefit to your business would come from localized commerce-enabled commercial(s) aired before, during, and after events that drive Gym membership. Then there’s the VIVE Ring/Card Girl Squad available for various sponsorships and appearances, not to mention that professional boxing as a sport itself offers opportunities, such as the athletes’ trunks, the ring turnbuckles, the ring canvas, and on-screen graphics just to name a few. If you‘re thinking that this must all be cost prohibitive, think again – we have opportunities to fit every budget.

We would love to speak with you to elaborate about your business objectives and the various ways VIVE and your business could work together to boost its profile and memberships.