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Share your expertise, explore the world, show and tell.
Be on-camera or behind the lens – YOU choose.
Give your audience the content they crave from a voice they trust.

"We have built something groundbreaking and minimized the live UHD+HDR TV learning curve. We are delighted to finally be in a position to invite third parties to join us in propelling the initiative to proliferate premium UHD+HDR entertainment."
John J. Jacaman
VIVE Network Founder


VIVE Network, est. 2013, is a universal linear digital television platform that specializes in 4K live and lifestyle entertainment.

VIVE’s mission is to democratize the creation, proliferation, and monetization of live UHD HDR content to address the demand of multi-millions of UHD viewers around the globe, and in doing so, establishing the network as the ultimate UHD entertainment destination.

Travel Segments


Fill the UHD Void – Given the number of UHD screens sold globally, there is a deficit of premium UHD HDR content which makes for a captive audience.

Establish a UHD Hub – Lifestyle and sports entertainment is fragmented as it is, and consumers are cord-cutting in favor of à la carte choices. Aggregating the best collection of UHD entertainment is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Conceived as a glossy magazine come-to-life comprised of mini motion pictures, VIVE LUXE will be a unique destination for viewers around the globe interested in the jet set lifestyle and experiencing everyday luxuries. The channel will feature segments on fashion & beauty, gastronomy, travel, motors, health & wellness, tech, property, and much, much more.

Fashion Features


VIVE Network collaborates with its content contributors – according to its editorial calendar – to maintain conformity without hindering their creative liberty.

Showcase your expertise on the best the world has to offer whether you prefer to host or narrate, or even emcee a live event!


Great news! VIVE Network handles all post production-related matters so contributors can focus on creating compelling content. No need to find the right soundtrack, sync the audio, create transitions, or worry about high dynamic range. Consistency is key, especially in linear television. 


VIVE Network’s in-house agency works with closely with sponsors and advertisers to arrange harmonious relationships that benefit all parties concerned, including audiences, in the least invasive, most authentic fashion.  

how we work with creators

In the true spirit of partnership, together we will BOOST your…

Content quality

A 24/7 linear 4K television network has a massive responsibility to feed the appetites of the millions upon millions of device owners who crave premium 4K entertainment.

Universal exposure

Why get lost in a sea of mediocrity? As part of a curated collection of first-class content available on every screen, the odds of skyrocketing success are greater.

Social media profiles

Fans and followings are bound to grow along with your appearances on television, not to mention that clips make for great social content that reinforce your role as an expert.

Brand equity

Regular on-air appearances enables contributors to build awareness, communicate and reinforce their authority, and consequently develop deeper bonds with audiences thereby attracting bigger brand partnerships.

Brand partnerships

The more consistently we collaborate to create content, the more viewers will tune in to watch, which, in turn, will draw sponsors and advertisers to the channel to catapult their own brands' awareness.

Bank account

VIVE's collective bargaining power benefits contributors. That said, there are no guarantees. Opportunity is only what you make of it. Talent and tenacity are two traits necessary for winning. VIVE gives you the platform…


We would love to hear from you and talk about possible collaborations for the VIVE LUXE channel on VIVE Network!

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