Why Video Is The Best Marketing Tool

Discerning buyers value their personal time and expect exceptional quality. Elevate your image with video and crush the competition.

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The 4K Opportunity

“Why 4K?” you say.

The answer is as easy as the proliferation of 4K-capable devices worldwide has eclipsed 500+ million. As of June 2018, 31 percent (%) of U.S. households owned a 4K Ultra HDTV, and that percentage is projected to reach almost 50% by 2020. The penetration rates are exceeding forecasts.

However, in spite of the swift adoption rate, the supply of content is scarce. VIVE Network’s solution to the fragmented 4K content conundrum is to offer viewers worldwide a destination of premium, original lifestyle entertainment and live events.

To further illustrate the need for premium 4K entertainment, VIVE Network has unique global marketing agreements with Smart TV manufacturers, LG & SONY, to promote VIVE’s apps, channels and programming.

Moreover, households containing at least one or more 4K HDR Smart TV’s are generally well above median HHI, while high net worth individuals with a penchant for cutting edge technology own the biggest screens with the best picture quality money can buy.

The Only Exposure
Your Listings Will Ever Need

Get seen by the right clientele in an elegant, engaging context. Reach an audience of high net worth buyers who value quality, sophistication, and design while they are actively discovering the most elite luxuries the world has to offer.   


Submit your most prestigious property profiles in video format according to requisite specifications. Provide your own footage or inquire about our affordable professional production services.


V I V E | L U X E will take your promotional assets, expand the color space into high dynamic range, and apply high resolution, dynamic graphic overlays. The property profiles will be inserted within the context of relevant lifestyle programs, including V I V E | L U X E city guides.


As showcase properties sell or listings change, assets can be removed or updated with zero downtime. Listings are limited to 10 per agency per month and are interchangeable for less than the cost of print advertising a single listing*.

* Monthly fee applies.