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Connected devices are abundant and continue to proliferate due to consumer enthusiasm for the future of television. Technology is ready. The delivery systems are ready. So, there is no time like the present. Let’s do this! Together. NOW!

”Together we have built something groundbreaking and minimized the live UHD HDR TV learning curve. We are delighted to finally be in a position to invite third parties to join us in propelling the initiative to proliferate premium UHD HDR entertainment.”

– John Jacaman, VIVE Network Founder

Rights Holders

By virtue of its technology partners, VIVE has established the first live UHD-HDR service delivered OTT to connected televisions, such as Sony & LG, as well as other connected devices. Having simplified and streamlined the process, VIVE offers broadcasters, venues, and promoters the freedom to televise and monetize live events anywhere anytime in stunning quality for a fraction of the cost of traditional means.

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Smart TV’s, VIVE native apps, cable, satellite, online and social (PPV not applicable).

One-off, seasonal, or recurring.

Local, regional, or global. Geo-blocking available.

Pay Per View, season passes, subscription, sponsorship, advertising, or a combination.

VIVE Network or third-party subject to agreement and production specs required by VIVE.

Ultra HD HDR or HD HDR.

Pro Sports • Arts • Concerts • Races • Auctions • Fashion Shows & MORE!

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Competition for consumers’ attention is fierce, which makes retention critical. The ticket is differentiating your online property from the rest with a feed of curated niche content that aligns with the interests of your visitors, grabs their attention and triggers engagement, whether it be a sale, a click-through, a comment, or subscription.


Expand upon and complement existing inventory with relevant, fresh audiovisual entertainment

Increase Value

Sell advertisers a dynamic repertoire of inventory with deep analytics

Reinforce Authority

Quality, relevant niche entertainment guarantees your expert status in viewers' minds

Increase Dwell Times

Embedded audiovisual media is 'sticky' content that will keep visitors on a site and encourages more conversions


VIVE is on a mission to propel the proliferation of premium Ultra HD HDR entertainment. Hence, VIVE champions leveling the playing field for content creators, publishers, and rights holders. In the case of its ‘open’ and accessible PaaS for content owners and distributors, it’s all about flexibility and scalability.

Premium Quality

Better-than-broadcast quality audiovisual live entertainment with no latency streamed directly to viewers' screen of choice in UHD HDR or HD HDR.

Audience Expansion

Tap in to the hundreds of millions of households worldwide that contain 4K TV's with scarce content to consume.

Live Events

VIVE's has made LIVE Ultra HD High Dynamic Range its signature. It's the first, the only, and the best 4K live entertainment destination anywhere.


Flexible business models including no CAPEX and rev share.


Global marketing agreements with device manufacturers, as well as round-the-clock previews on VIVE Network's linear showcase channel.

Custom Feeds

High-traffic publishers and niche search engines are prime candidates for distributing curated content tailored to the interest of their audiences.

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How it Works

VIVE Network has developed an all-in-one service for rights holders and medium- to large-scale publishers with a desire to expand their reach and grow their audiences. VIVE Network offers the first truly end-to-end carrier grade OTT solution for third-party content contributors. 

Create Content

Whether you BYOC (bring your own content) or we co-create live or episodic productions, VIVE oversees quality control to ensure the most seamless, pleasurable viewer experience.


VIVE will even handle business concerns – including promotion across its platform – on your behalf either through its in-house agency and/or payment gateway  to ensure that you can focus on providing compelling entertainment.



VIVE’s PaaS handles everything from ingest, transcoding, and storage to promotion and seamless play out. Your content can live on every device ecosystem where VIVE resides in any territory(ies) worldwide.

Evaluate Metrics

Audience retention is of paramount importance, and VIVE’s Quality of Experience and Consumer Behavior analytics provide valuable insight into how viewers engage with and respond to content, as well as ad sales bargaining power.